Isabelle Gressel

Walking Across London in a Cloud of Balloons (2012)

On the 31st March 2012, 10 people documented a Cloud of Balloons walking across London. Each person documented in the style and manner they chose, having only minimal information about the event. This video installation displays in real time the documentation taken between 11h45 and 14h15.
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Through the humorous incongruity of a person walking through London covered in balloons with no intention other than walking to my destination, the aim was to question our methods of re-presentation, documentation, and public engagement. I chose three areas to walk through: a residential, a financial sector and a cultural area and all three provided very different outcomes in reactions from the general public and documentation from ten participants.

Exhibited in June 2012 at ‘Chelsea BA Fine Art Degree Show’, Chelsea College of Art, UAL, London. Click to hide

Medium: multi-screen video installation with audio, 2h30mn on loop.