Isabelle Gressel

Daily navigations from the home (2014)

Each slab depicts a different individual’s daily journeys from their home. Their personal geographies are engraved onto sanded concrete paving slabs.
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Taking inspiration from Keith Coventry’s ‘Estate’ paintings, these engravings depict the physical movements of everyday life seen from a bird’s eye perspective. By arranging the journeys in an archive of slabs, one can compare the different individual’s engagement with their home environments. The tactility of the slabs allow physical contact between the viewer and the piece, letting the viewer trace the outlines of journeys much as a child traces the cracks in the floor, imagining possible journeys.

Exhibited in a group of 4 slabs at the APT Gallery, ‘The Big Crit Group Exhibition’, December 2013 and in a group of 8 slabs at UAL Showroom Gallery, ‘4/12’, January – March 2014. Click to hide

Medium: engraved concrete pavement slabs.