Isabelle Gressel

Maybe you're just preaching to the choir (2016)

This sound work was commissioned by the 'What Happens to Us' 2016 exhibition at Wimbledon Space, London.
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'What Happens to Us' was a four week exhibition project at Wimbledon Space in November-December 2016, curated by Dr Marsha Bradfield and Dr Amy McDonnell. Through workshops, talks & screenings, the exhibition examined what democracy meant to different local communities today.

‘Maybe you’re just preaching to the choir…’ was created from a selection of recordings taken around Wimbledon and of events that have taken place during the exhibition. The work investigates the language that we use to describe democracy and our engagement in it: do we have a common language? do we share the same questions? do we want the same things? This soundscape sifts through language and sounds, re-ordering and juxtaposing different recordings, offering new opportunities to reflect and raise new questions. Click to hide

Medium: sound recording, 28 minutes.