Isabelle Gressel

To-ing and fro-ing: viewing commuter landscapes (2014)

An immersive video installation, To-ing and Fro-ing: Viewing Commuter Landscapes is a work that explores the act of commuting and the repetitive landscapes that pass by.
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These landscapes that end up ignored by the seasoned traveller are put into focus while the inside of the train and its passengers are blurred into the background. The viewer is sat between two monitors. One monitor is showing a collection of journeys into London while the other is showing the same journeys but on the return leg out of London. Thus, the viewer is stuck in between two opposite journeys, neither going nor returning.

Exhibited at the UAL Showroom Gallery ‘4/12: Lifeboat Residency Exhibition’, January – April 2014. Click to hide

Medium: 2 videos on loop, televisions, MDF support structure, no audio.